Dar Waad Design Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Dar Waad Design Spring/Summer 2011 Collection by Waad Bin Hammad
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Spring 2011 Collection By Dar Waad Design
Dar Waad Design Summer 2011 Collection
Dar Waad Design Spring 2011 Collection
Dar Waad Design SpringSummer Collection 2011
Dar Waad Design Spring/Summer 2011 Collection
Dar Waad Design Spring Summer 2011 Collection
Summer 2011 Collection BY Dar Waad Design
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Dubai Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011
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Spring/Summer 2011 Dubai Fashion Week
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The catwalk on the first day of Dubai Fashion Week saw a balance between bright neons and more subdued abayas, with the requisite bridal couture thrown in the mix fashion designer Waad Bin Hammad showcased her latest spring/summer collection for 2011.

Waad Bin Hammad chose to infuse her abayas with old world glamour in her “Ward” collection gives the abaya, the pride of every Arab woman, a wonderful modern twist. Combining the styles of draped cloth from all around the world – elements from the toga, sari and kimono, shone through the folds of the conventional black abaya, giving it a new international appeal.
The collection, which means flower in Arabic, presents the Arab woman as one who is in touch with the latest trends, while remaining true to her traditional roots. Abayas in silk, chiffon and satin flowed on the runway as models sashayed down to traditional Arabic drum beats.
In a unique twist, the “Ward” collection, cinches the waist on the traditionally loose fitting abaya, mildly accentuating the female silhouette. Ruffles of chiffon and satin made their way into the long train of the abayas.
Pullover abayas made an appearance, aimed at the practical Arab woman who is constantly on her feet. Single shoulder abayas in bold coloured bodices with a hint of colored piping proved to be both modest and alluring at the same time. The conventionally high-necked abaya was modified into Mao collars, boat necks, Victorian collars and even a daring V neck. The black abayas flowed open to reveal gradients within, in all the colours of the spectrum. Flowery brooches held the abaya together, serving as a constant reminder of the show’s theme. Wing like sleeves, also known as the butterfly sleeves were a runway favourite, especially in their pairing with empire waist abayas.
Gold lace and beaded bodices added hints of glamour to the abayas. Chunky shoes and up-do hairstyles, held with feathery clips completed the ensemble.